Monday, May 27, 2013

*Tumbleweed Rolls Past*

It's been way too quiet.

*slowly walks out of hiding spot*

You guys suck at hide and seek! ... Oh, were we not playing a game of hide and seek? 

The past few weeks have been a mixture of laziness and then busy-ness (probably not a real word) and responsibility, so minus the past week or so, my nails have been bare since my last post on here ....shocking right?!

   I feel so out of the loop (OF COURSE YOU ARE DOOFUS!) but uni exams are right around the corner, so after that I'll have a month off to get back on track *cheer*

   ALSO, I don't have access to my usual SLR camera for photos at the moment, so all my photos are currently taken in the sun or under a lamp indoors with my phone. Can't wait to get the camera back!

   So off we start with the random tidbits:

Sinful Colors Blue By You topped with Hottie

OPI sandwiched between Sinful Colors Cinderella

Revlon Moon Candy Orbit 

Revlon Moon Candy Galactic layered over Orbit

Kleancolor Neon Amethyst over a neon pink Coral Colours I lost the label for ):

Kleancolor Neon Amethyst, Covergirl Vio-last and Sally Hansen Scarab

   And for tonight's mani, I give you all two polishes from the Face Of Australia "Glitterati" collection. On the pointer and pinky is FOA Heart of Glass and on the two middle fingers is FOA Boogie Wonderland. 

   Heart of Glass was a downright pain in my ass to apply! The glitter is so sparse that I had to do very thin layers and place glitter evenly on the nail to avoid a gloopy mess that would probably never dry. Boogie Wonderland on the other hand was much easier to apply, although I could do without the green and white bar glitter *blergh* not a fan of bar glitter. 

   These remind me of cupcakes, or of sweet things, so I'll either be playing with a cupcake design or chocolate drips on these babies tonight, better pictures in the sun tomorrow hopefully *fingers crossed*


  1. Aww I miss your pretty little fingers! These are all so pretty :) Love the stripe one!

  2. Haha!! I sure missed your post! Glad to see you back in action! Absolutely loving Revlon Moon Candy! Wish I could so get them here. What a fab idea to layer those two together! It felt like you totally complete them! :) Beautiful manicures as always! Love them :)

  3. My Blue By You is still in my untried pile. I love the color you put under it. Perfect!

  4. you have a really amazing blog so i'm poud to say i'm your newest follower :) i so need to get one of the revlon moon candy's - i was thinking of getting it in eclipse but they didn't have it in my local boots the other day :( looking forward to seeing your future nail art :)

  5. Thank you girlies so much for the kind and encouraging words! <3 xx


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