Monday, February 24, 2014

Swatches: Aussie Indie Moonstone Nail Polish

   Helloooo and a (hopefully) Happy Monday to you all! Today's post is somewhat of a PSA - you all remember the Aussie Indie Moonstone Nail Polish I showed you in October of last year, well Caitlin has now released a new collection which goes live TODAY at 7pm (AEDST)! It is the Magic Treats Collection, and draws inspiration from the lollies found in Honeydukes, the magical sweets shop from the fantastical realm of Harry Potter. And so to celebrate, and maybe tempt you a little, I've got swatches for 3 of the 6 polishes to be released.

   First up is Levitating Sherbert Balls, inspired by the sour Fizzing Whizbeez! It's quite a busy polish, bursting with star shaped glitter, pastel yellow dots, pink, white, yellow, and iridescent hexes, as well as a pink/ gold shifting shimmer - this was the first to catch my eye when I opened up the blogger pack, which was unusual because I'm not usually attracted to shape glitter, or shimmer polish. Though after swatching it, I actually quite liked the look of it. This is one dabbed coat over Ulta 3 Citrus. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review: Glow In The Dark Nail Stickers

   Hey y'all, hope all's been well (: For today's post, I have a Born Pretty Store review for you guys. Something a little different to what I usually review, as I normally do all the nail art by hand or add bits and bobs to accentuate it, but this time around, I'm trying these Luminous Glow In The Dark Nail Stickers.

   You get 14 sticker pieces, so you can find the closest fit to your nail bed, and also comes in two different patterns. The pack comes with easy to follow instructions on the back, and are a breeze to apply. The only hurdle I had to overcome was the fact that my nail shape isn't square so I did have to adjust where and how I put the design on my nails so that I could show off the entire pattern.

NOTD: Belated Happy Valentine's Day ♥

   Hey guys! Today's post will be a quick one, just showing a little pink lovin' post Valentine's Day :D Hoping everyone spent the day with loved ones, and if not, spent the day loving yourselves, because that's important too! 

   For this year's V-day, I went down the pink path and used Ulta 3 Fruit Tingle - an amazing bright pink, that has jumped to the top of my pink favourites list - and Emily De Molly Super Vixen for the reverse gradient on top. The perfect combo for a day of love (;

Friday, February 14, 2014

Swatches: American Indie Liquid Sky Lacquer

   Hey Guys! Long time no see (talk, post, whatever you want to call it!). I've been exceptionally busy, and have therefore, shamefully, neglected the blog (even Instagram, I know, it's terrible). But I've had a little breather this past week, and so I've been able to whip up this blog post for you all! It'll be an incredibly picture heavy post, but I hope that not only do I do the polishes justice but, also make up for my absence! haha

   Without further ado, I give you all Liquid Sky Lacquer, an American indie polish brand run by Carolyn, who's been generous enough to send me a few of her polishes to swatch and share with you (: Today, I have the polishes she's released for Valentine's Day!

   First up is 24 Karat Rose, it's a gorgeous thermal polish with a gold shimmer that is a beautiful rosy pink when cold, and a delicate nude/gold when warm. When cold, the pink is opaque, but it is incredibly sheer when warm; in the swatch below I've used 5 layers on it's own, and there is clearly still VNL (visible nail line). I myself don't mind it so much, and actually quite like it's subtle and delicate feel, but for those bothered by VNL, I advise using perhaps a nude base polish first.

When Warm