Friday, February 14, 2014

Swatches: American Indie Liquid Sky Lacquer

   Hey Guys! Long time no see (talk, post, whatever you want to call it!). I've been exceptionally busy, and have therefore, shamefully, neglected the blog (even Instagram, I know, it's terrible). But I've had a little breather this past week, and so I've been able to whip up this blog post for you all! It'll be an incredibly picture heavy post, but I hope that not only do I do the polishes justice but, also make up for my absence! haha

   Without further ado, I give you all Liquid Sky Lacquer, an American indie polish brand run by Carolyn, who's been generous enough to send me a few of her polishes to swatch and share with you (: Today, I have the polishes she's released for Valentine's Day!

   First up is 24 Karat Rose, it's a gorgeous thermal polish with a gold shimmer that is a beautiful rosy pink when cold, and a delicate nude/gold when warm. When cold, the pink is opaque, but it is incredibly sheer when warm; in the swatch below I've used 5 layers on it's own, and there is clearly still VNL (visible nail line). I myself don't mind it so much, and actually quite like it's subtle and delicate feel, but for those bothered by VNL, I advise using perhaps a nude base polish first.

When Warm

When Cold

In Transition

To show the colour change in the bottle. Also, it makes for an effortless french tip mani :P

   Second up is Love Is In The Air, part of the Liquid Sky Lacquer Valentine's Holo Duo, and is a pinky-purple holographic polish with tiny specks of micro pink glitter. I've tried to get it as colour accurate as possible, but my pictures leans more towards purple than it should, in reality it's actually a tad more pink.

   The other half of the Valentine's Holo Duo is Thinking Of You, which is a blue toned lilac purple holographic polish with tiny specks of micro purple glitter.

Very subtle gradient using Love Is In The Air as the base, and Thinking Of You on the tips.

    Both the Valentine's Holo Duos are on the softer, and subtle, side of love :P They're beautiful pastel holos, and in 2-3 coats are a great base for some Valentines Day nail art (or alone of, course!). Below, is the gradient using both polishes, topped with a heart cut out, and black triangular studs. 

   And that rounds it off for the Liquid Sky Lacquer Valentine's Day polishes! Hope I've entertained you guys plenty, and if you are interested in having a look at Carolyn's other polishes, you can visit her store, or have a peek at her instagram (@whimsicalcolor). And until next time (hopefully it won't be so long!), I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! xx

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