Plenty of polish for sale! 

Please email me with which polishes you'd like - and I will let you know how much and where to send the money via PayPal. It is strictly via Paypal and the "gift" option only (so there are no fees). Also please leave a comment on this post, in case your email goes to my 'junk' box.

After I've received your email, the polishes will be marked as pending and you will then have 24 hours to put the payment through (unless otherwise agreed upon at the time of ordering). 

Shipping within Australia is $8.00 up to 500g and $13 up to 3kg. International shipping - please email me, and we can try to work something out (:

All polishes are in Australian dollar.

BN - Brand New
S1 - Swatched once (one hand)
U1 - Used for one mani (both hands)

OPI - Last Friday Night, OPI - My Private Jet, OPI - Cuckoo For This Color (x2) 
All BN $10 each

Chi Chi - unnamed purple polish S1 $1, Australis - Limited Edition 1 S1 $1, Essence - Nude or What? BN $2, Essence - BBC Orange Sunset BN $2, Essence - Golden Sands BN $2, Essence - The Huntsman BN $3, Essence - Happy BN $2

 Face of Australia - Would You Like Some Sherbert S1 $4, Face of Australia - Boogie Wonderland S1 $4, Essie - Knockout Pout S1 $4, Essie - Coat Azure S1 $4

Ulta3 - Pot of Gold BN $1, Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Party Grenade U1 $5 SOLD, Cadillacquer - Remember Me S1 $8, Pahlish - Sugar Venom S1 $8, Australis - Milky Way S1 $4

Calvin Klein - Silver BN $3 SOLD, Rimmel - Gold Save The Queen S1 $3, Max Factor - Fantasy Fire BN $4, Max Factor - Sunny Pink BN $2, Max Factor - Diva Violet BN $2

Color Club - Cherubic S1 $6 SOLD, Sally Hansen - Golden Rule BN $5, Sally Hansen - Hidden Treasure BN $5, Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat - Fuzz-Sea BN $6, BYS - Rollercoaster S1 $2

Revlon - Royal Cloak BN  $2, Revlon - Fierce S1 $2, Revlon - Siren BN $2, Revlon Matte Suede - Ruby Ribbon U1 $1

Happy Browsing ~

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