Saturday, April 5, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review: Rose Patterned Water Decals

   Hey guys :D Hope all's been well! Today's post is another Born Pretty Store review, though is a little different to my usual style. It's simple, clean, and very lady-like :P I LOVED wearing it, it was such a change from the intricate tribal designs, and toned down from the usual neon. It's tamer than what y'all are used to, but life can't be all about neons right? (As much as I'd love for it to be :P)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Simply Spoiled Beauty Products Review: Black Nail Art Pen

   Hey y'all :D Today's post is a quick little review of Simply Spoiled's Black Nail Art Pen which has a striper brush and a fine point tip. For this checkered mani, I tried using both the brush and the tip, and found that the striper was much easier to use in creating the squares. 

   On a side note, I've always not seen the use of buying "art" pens, but after using this, I realized the convenience of just having to dip the striper brush into the bottle and continue painting! (As opposed to dispensing a little bit of black polish each time onto paper). Now I think I'll need one of these in white as well!

Then And Now NOTD: Square Skittles vs Clawed Skittles

   Hello hello hello and a happy Tuesday to you all! Today's NOTD is this glitzy mix and match mani, complete with leopard print and studs :D For those who follow me on Instagram, this will look reallllly familiar, probably because it's a recreation of a mani I did just over a year ago :P But back then I had square nubs and only my phone camera to snap it.