Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Then And Now NOTD: Square Skittles vs Clawed Skittles

   Hello hello hello and a happy Tuesday to you all! Today's NOTD is this glitzy mix and match mani, complete with leopard print and studs :D For those who follow me on Instagram, this will look reallllly familiar, probably because it's a recreation of a mani I did just over a year ago :P But back then I had square nubs and only my phone camera to snap it.

   For both manis I used China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and Butter London The Black Knight and Fairy Cake. There's not much difference between them in terms of everything else, though I gotta say, I like them better on my claws :P

(It'll be a sad day when I have to shorten and square off my talons.. and that day draws near as I start nail school only a couple of weeks from now... such bittersweet feelings!)

   And what would this post be without a #mynailsmysmoothie :P (These are all reposts from my personal instagram @xtinemayy and I hope y'all don't mind me adding these to the end of posts!) It's a tall green glass of goodness.. you know what they say "A glass of green a day, keeps the doctor away" or something along those lines mwahahaha 


  1. Wow I now think I have to get the black knight! I skipped it the last time I saw it but now you've changed my mind haha! beautiful mani! And I think it look better with claws!

  2. It will be a sad day when the almond nails go! And what's on that glass? It looks incredibly appetising!

  3. Your square nails look kinda squoval....I love that style. Not a fan of the claws...they look a little to witchy lol.


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