Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Swatches: Aussie Indie Miss Ashleigh Part II

   Hey y'all! Happy Hump Day Wednesday and welcome to Part II of the Miss Ashleigh swatches! :D Today's stars are Like A Sunrise and Show Us Your Watermelons. Both striking neon shades, perfect for Summer :D

   First up is Like A Sunrise which is a vibrant neon pastel orange creme. This is 3 thin coats over a coat of white (after 2 coats, it was still a little patchy for me, but a thin 3rd coat did the trick!). On the accent nail is a pink to yellow sunset gradient using Kleancolor Neon Amethyst, W7 Fuschia, and Ulta3 Honolulu.

   On top of the gradient, I also tried adding 1 coat of Miss Ashleigh Let's Clown Around and it matched perfectly! (Proper swatch of this rainbow glitter topper to come in part III!)

   There are no words to describe exactly how shockingly bright this colour is! It may not be a fancy glitter or a shifting multichrome, but Like A Sunrise holds its own - even indoors, and in the shade, it screams LOOK AT ME.

   Also, funnily enough, my mani matched my training shoes! It was totally coincidental too haha

   Okay, so next up is Show Us Your Watermelons. It's a gorgeous red coral creme reminiscent of the juicy fruits it's named after! This is 3 thin coats over a coat of white (as with Like A Sunrise it was still a bit patchy after 2 coats, but a 3rd evened it out. It would probably be okay with 2 coats on its own, but I like layering bright colours like these over white to help them pop even more :D).


   Then I thought I'd actually show you my watermelons...

   Hahaha mind out of the gutter people! These melons look much better from afar! Close up they look a little dodgy haha but I'm happy with them. I had no watermelons in the fridge, and I'm far too lazy to go to Woolworths to buy a watermelon so this is the best it's going to get :P

   I also made a Berry Smoothie Swirl and decided to pose with it :D

   That's part II complete! Stay tuned for the final installation in the next couple of days :D To get yourselves any of these polishes, just head on over to Miss Ashleigh's online store


  1. Beeeautiful swatches! I love the neon orange as well as your watermelon nails!

    1. Thanks hun! The neon orange nails have got to be one of my top fave gradients also! :P

  2. I love everything about this post! Your gradient is flawless, girl :)


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