Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekly Round Up ft New Babies

   Hey y'all! Hope you've all been well (: I've acquired some new pretties recently so I haven't been doing any actual nail art. So instead, I have a couple of manis from the past week, showcasing my new babies :D

   First up is OPI DS Extravagance and BYS Glitter Crystal. I LOVED this mani, the OPI DS was amazing! I've seen it in pictures, but to see it in person, and watch the mani shine in the sunlight *hyperventilates* haha okay maybe I was exaggerating, but nonetheless, I was really impressed. However! I won't let the OPI overshadow the little BYS glitter! I got Butter London Fairy Cake recently and wasn't too psyched about it. But this BYS is much MUCH more glitzy, and doesn't dull down like the BL did. So overall, I give this mani an 11/10 haha It really was a shame taking it off. 

   Anddddd... as you can see, my index finger nail is broken on the side *sobs* I finished work on Thursday night and found it like that, with no recollection as to how or when it happened ): I was left with 3 choices: 1. cut them all to short squares 2. reshape the index finger and leave the rest square 3. reshape all my nails. 

   Soooo... for the sake of uniformity, and the fact that it took ages to grow my nails out, I opted for option 3. Welcome new nail shape! 

   I have been drooling (almost literally) over the swatches of from the OPI Euro Centrale collection ever since it first came out, so I caved and bought it for $20 at hairhouse warehouse *guilty smile* But I don't regret it one bit! Absolutely in love with it! My new favourite glitter <3 This is one coat layered over black. 

   How do you all like the new nail shape? I've had claws before, that were wayyyy longer than this, but I think this time around, I'll keep them filed to around this length (:

   SO back to the Napoleon Perdis make up day, I had so much fun! I work at target in the cosmetics department, and the big bosses finally sent me to a make up training day for free, fully paid! hehe We learnt how to create a "day look" as well as a "night look" using of course, the Napoleon products. 

   A day of playing with make up and fiddling with people's faces was at first very daunting since I've never done any real make up on people, but it turned out to be a lot of fun, AND we got freebies at the end *yay* okay rant over haha, thought I'd just share that tidbit of my life :D

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  1. Gosh I want those studs so bad! I am getting that glitter Monday when I get your polish :)


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