Sunday, February 3, 2013


   Hey y'all! Long time no see! *this sounds familiar... happens almost every other week~ I DO APOLOGIZE ):* But in the time I wasn't posting I have been active on Instagram <follow me @xtinemayyy> so come and visit me over there for manis that don't immediately make it onto my blog/ tumblr or do not warrant a post on its own! :D

   SO. BACK TO NAILS. First, a confession: I've got to admit I've previously had an uncalled for prejudice against anything leopard print: clothes, shoes, accessories, stationery - you name it! But in the spirit of trying something new, I tried my hand at leopard print nails. Slap me silly and call me barney (there's a saying like that but I can't remember the exact wording but you get my point!) I absolutely adore these nails! <3

   I used Rimmel Sky High for the teal base and Face of Australia Polyester Girl for the pink gradient accents and spots. Added some 2mm square silver studs et voila! :D

   I found it too difficult to create the random round splodges and markings with a brush so for this mani, I opted for a tiny tiny dotting tool instead.

And for once, I'm pretty proud of my right hand! Though I did get too lazy to do the gradient accents :P

Do excuse the wear and tear, I've been wearing this mani for a few days now: to the gym, to work, to do the shopping :P I've only found the time to properly photograph them now.

AND just a couple of manis from IG (:

Revlon Scandalous mattefied.

Maybelline Mini Colorama Electric Blue 
topped with Different Dimension Boo, You Whore.

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