Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watercolour Floral

   Feeling a tad girly today, so thought I'd do some floral nail art ..that, and I haven't done a floral design in ages and I miss it! :P This design was inspired by Jenn from Jenn's Nails on tumblr. I am absolutely in love with her nails, and her nail art!

   So basically, my take on the mani is using a 'watercolour' method where I've thinned down the nail polish colours with some thinner (acetone works just as well). I used Chi Chi Plastic Fantastic (fast becoming a minty favourite!), Ulta3 Tahitian Lime and BC Co. Shade 21 for the background. It's pretty much painting the polish on in short strokes (like in an ikat design) one colour at a time until the entire nail is covered. For the flowers (I didn't water them down too much, so that they would stand out from the background) I used Sally Hansen I Pink I Can, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Black on Black. Topped it off with a quick dry top coat to even things out, et voila!

   I was planning on doing some ikat chevron nails this week, but this sort of counts as ikat too right (short strokes)? :P Instead, if any of y'all have suggestions or requests, I'de love to hear them, and see what I can do! 


  1. You are soooo talented! The flowers are gorgeous <3

  2. Hi, Christine!! I've been lurking thru your blogspot + tumblr and so far, I lalalove your work!

    I've been searching for a young lady that I feel share the same taste in colour stories and design when it comes to nail art with my taste. To sum it up, I believe I can trust your judgment in nail art LOL

    Do you have an email I can contact you with?! You can email me at MONEYMILKHONEY@YAHOO.COM (: I'm really interested in doing work with you!!

  3. Thank you ladies for the positive feedback! It makes my day knowing you all enjoy what I post :D


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