Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flirty Floral Print Anyone? :P

   My nails feel so pretty! I was in the mood for some cute lookin' nails and this was the outcome. I was worried that adding the itty bitty blue flowers would make the mani feel too 'crowded', but they actually pair pretty nicely with the larger red roses, so MEH I'm digging it like crazy :P

   I was going to do a cute neon geometric design using China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, but used it for the roses instead. I added highlights using Bloom Tuscany, added leaves with Ulta3 Tahitian Lime, and outlined the entire rose using Sinful Colors Black on Black. For the blue flowers I used a tiny dotting tool and BC Co Shade 21, and Ulta3  Honolulu for the centre. Topped everything off with a quick dry top coat, et voila! I don't ever want to take these off :P (I say that about almost every mani haha #firstworldproblems of a nail art addict)

    This reminds me, I have a half finished nail art wheel of floral prints laying around. I may actually get around to finishing it this week. *fingers crossed* I'd love to show it to you all when it's done :D

    But until then, more picture spam! (I love it when my camera cooperates and captures the mani perfectly *cheer*)


  1. It's super pretty - and not too crowded. It reminds me of fabric...

  2. CM these look gorgeous girl! Could totally see this as a blouse or a dress! So lovely and totally looks spring to me!

  3. Omg these are beautiful, very talented. Adore the colours.

  4. I actually like the fact that you added the blue flowers. Makes it look different from the rose manicures out there.
    I nominated your blog for a liebster award. Check out my blog for details if you like :)

    1. Hi hun! Thanks for the nomination! I would totally do this but I have done this in the past and I'm a little busy at the moment to do it again, so I will unfortunately have to pass this time around ):

  5. Thank you ladies for all the wonderful feedback! xx

  6. literally gone though all your posts, theyre intriguing to say the least!


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