Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Light It Up Blue #BlueNailsForAutism

   Hey y'all! Happy April! (I know it's technically not a celebration you're supposed to greet people with and celebrate, but hey, whatever, Happy April alright! :P) 

   So a bunch of ladies from a nail facebook group I'm a part of decided to "Paint it Blue" for April Autism Awareness Month. It now has it's own separate facebook group and Instagram hashtag (#BlueNailsForAutism) for everyone to share their blue manicures in support. 

   Some ladies have decided to do just April 2nd, whilst others have decided to make it a weekly blue mani sort of thing. I have chosen to do a blue mani everyday (or every time I change my polish) for the whole month of April *crosses fingers* here's to hoping I have enough blue polish, or enough creative juices to push out 30 different manis!

   I've decided to post these 3-5 manis at a time, to avoid posting 30 seperate posts. So first up was a blue gradient  (using Rubi Dirty Dianna, BC Co Shade 21 and Ulta3 Soft Hydrangea) topped with Different Dimension Light It Up Blue (For Autism).

Next was a blue striped gradient using Sinful Colors Black on Black, Rubi Dirty Dianna, BC Co Shade 21, Australis Sky's The Limit, Coral Colours Honeydew and Ulta3 Soft Hydrangea.

Third up was a blue glitter-chevron-french tip mani using Ulta3 Blue Marlin and Julep Claire as the base colours, topped with Different Dimension Boo, You Whore (don't you just love its name?!)

And for today's NOTD I give y'all a blue floral mani using Candice's (MrCandiipants) technique of using the brush from the bottle to paint the little flowers on :D I used Ulta3 Soft Hydrangea as my base, and for the flowers I used Essence Grumpy, Australis Sky's The Limit and BC Co Shade 21.

Hope y'all don't get sick of all the blue, and if interested, join in on the #BlueNailsForAutism (: 


  1. you have such a fab blog! you're nail art is really really amazing. i love the top 2 - the first gradient is really lovely and i love the different colours in the second picture :) ps - i'm your newest follower!


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