Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vibrant Green and Pink Ikat Nails


   And HELLO green and pink ikats!! Eye-searing-ly bright but oh-so-fun! I haven't done an ikat in while, nor have I used any of my neons (they've been feeling quite neglected lately), so why not celebrate the return of the sun with these?! (Sounds like some ancient cult ritual haha)

   For the blinding green base colour I used Tony Moly P004, and Australis #totesamaze for the pink ikat. My mum saw these on my instagram and asked me "Why do so many people like it? It's ugly and hurts my eyes." Well, gee! thanks mum! hahahaha 

   As for me, I utterly love neons, especially when they hurt my eyes :P that just means I bought a pretty damn good neon!!

   And to take it a step further, I took a photo of these in direct sunlight... EVEN BETTER. RIGHT?!


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