Wednesday, July 10, 2013

White Tribal Over A Sponged Gradient

   Hey y'all :D Today's NOTD is a white tribal print hand painted over a sponged gradient. Fun fact: This took me about an episode of Charmed, JAG, Judging Amy, Power Rangers and Ben 10 (random tv shows that I kind of enjoyed actually :P I hardly ever watch tv). 

   The colours I used for this were recent BYS purchases from Kmart: Glowing Around, Anyone For Tennis and Baby Let's Cruise. They caught my eye because they were pastels, but screamed "bright"! So question: what do you call a polish that's obviously a pastel, but is bright like a neon, but not quite a neon...? Am I making any sense? 

   ANYWHOS, this is the gradient that's under the white tribal pattern. My mum asked me as I was painting the tribal on why I bother to do such a nice gradient only to "cover it up" and "hide" it underneath. *facepalm moment, oh how my mother makes me laugh* hahaha I agree with her to a degree, but I try to think of it as the background that shines through the tribal, making it more interesting (:



  1. Stunning (as always!), Love the skittlettes tribal prints! ♥

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