Monday, September 23, 2013


   Hey y'all! It's been a while eh? I've been real slack on updating the blog in the past month, and in all honesty, I haven't had any motivation to post anything. I've found it easier to just post my Nails of the day (NOTD) on Instagram everyday instead, I've even slacked on my tumblr posts. (My laziness never ceases to amaze me haha)

   I was going to start up again by just posting the usual NOTD pics, BUT (with a little extra kick from Kirstie at Nail Cake) I thought it'd be fun to restart by starting at the start.. if that makes any sense!? 

   I was thinking maybe a couple of posts based on the very first nail designs I ever posted, and how I've sort of evolved and made it my own.. like a then and now progress sort of thing. 

   So today's theme is IKATS. When I first did this technique, I knew that it'd be one of my favourites!

Ikat Pattern

First ever attempt at IKAT nails 

   I LOVED the messy look of IKAT nails; I also loved chevrons.. and one day I thought to combine the two. 

Chevron IKAT nails

   Then I really went IKAT crazy and created some IKAT hearts. (I have a soft spot for the pink IKAT hearts! :P)

   More recently, I've gone back to the simple IKAT design, but experimented with much brighter and eye searing colours :D

Green and Pink IKATS on nubbins

   And now, for today's NOTD, a hot pink IKAT on a neon yellow base. 

Yellow is Ulta3 Citrus, Pink is China Glaze Pool Party

   So what do you all think? Y'all love IKATS as much as I do?! :P Any feedback is welcome, just drop a line in the comments.

   Stay tuned for the next instalment in the next couple of days :D 

xx Christine 


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