Saturday, September 28, 2013

Blue Swatch-athon

   Mornin' everyone! For today's post, I have lots and lots (and lots!) of pictures to share with y'all! I was so excited to have received my Emily De Molly order and my swap package from Jen on Monday, I got straight into swatching to show you all :D It just so happened that at least half the polishes were blue, so a BLUE swatch-athon it is!

Nail mail makes me happy :D

   First up is a gorgeous, absolutely stunning, blue/ purple duochrome Butter London Scouse.

   The colour shift is a lot stronger in the bottle, and was terribly hard to capture on my nails. But I managed to capture a hint of the purple where the sun was hitting my nails.

You can see the hint of purple peeking through on the edge ^^

   I took at least 80 photos of these outside and wanted to show you all at least 20, but controlled myself and chose the best 4 shots I had. I hope the photos did the polish justice, because I'm absolutely in love with it *swoons*

   Next up is a blue mix-n-match mani using glitter toppers, loose glitter, fine glitter polish and flakies over a bright royal blue Sinful Colors Endless Blue.

   The glitter on the index finger is China Glaze Mosaic Madness from the Glitz-Bitz 'n Pieces Collection; the loose glitter on the middle finger I ordered from the Born Pretty Store online; the ring finger is topped with Revlon Galactic from the Moon Candy collection; and the pinky is one coat of Butter London Scallywag (another new favourite!).

Can you tell I like blue yet? :P 

   Last but not least is a squishy blue jelly jam packed with glitter, Emily De Molly Turbulence.

   This is 2 coats over 1 coat of Revlon Royal. It is absolutely stunning, with so much depth!

It's so squishy and sparkly too, it's actually quite distracting :P

A shot in the daylight

   *Phew. That was a lot of photos. But I hoped y'all enjoyed the swatches as much as I loved staring at them on my nails :P

xx Christine


  1. Scouse is so amazing! I need to get it when I get 40% at work during christmas! I am so jealous you get such easy access to emily de molly :P

    1. Your jealous of our EdM and I'm jealous of your access to Butter Londons... the grass always seems greener on the other side!! hahaha

  2. Wow these two look amazing! Scouse is such an intense shifting color, love it <3

    1. Scouse has easily become one of my "use sparingly polishes" haha so I'll only wear it when I know I'll be wearing it for longer than a day :P


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