Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Neon Geo-Shapes

   These did just happen.

   I'm on another neon roll, and today I have for y'all Ulta3 Citrus outlined in Ulta3 Black Satin. This design was inspired by a pair of boots I saw online that looked hella fine!

   I opted for a neon highlighter yellow as opposed to a true yellow, but loving the effect nonetheless!

   So a quick run down: first start off with 2 coats of white. This REALLY (can't emphasize this enough) helps the neon colour pop. Then a coat of Citrus, followed by Black Satin. 

  To do the outlines, just trace the outside of your entire nail to create a border, then stroke by stroke create triangular sections. For the accent nails, it's pretty similar: just paint on the triangular shapes and fill them in. Top it off with Top Coat and you get this rockin' neon mani!


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