Saturday, November 9, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: Nails At 2am Facebook Fan Page

   YES! I finally did it and created a facebook fan page! It took a little encouragement, and a lot of procrastination, but it has now finally become a reality.

   So the page is titled "Nails At 2am" naturally, and can be found at note how I had to use "TwoAm" instead of "2am" - I'm still raging about that grrr! AND it is looking REALLY bare, but once I get some more time on my hands, I'll be sprucing it up, and hopefully creating a new banner for the facebook page and my blog - and maybe even a new watermark image.

   In all honesty, I spend a lot of my time on facebook.. sooooo I'm hoping that by joining me on facebook, I can be a lot more interactive with you guys, get to know each other better, and I'll reply to your comments a lot quicker! :P Also, if you don't have instagram and can't tag me in your photos, you will be able to share your manis that are inspired by me, or based off of a tutorial I've created, on the facebook page.

  At this current moment, I've just only posted my Neon Leopard Print Tutorial onto the page, but do please check it out and like the page :D Hoping to see you all over there! <3


I love reading all your comments, so don't be shy to drop a line, and say hello! (: