Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NOTD: Neon Gradient + Watermarble

   ♫♪ I can't sleep at night, when you are on my mind ... We belong together babyyyyy~ 

   Anyone listen to old school Mariah Carey? :P I found a playlist of old school songs in a folder on my laptop and now I'm getting sidetracked and instead find myself singing along (trying to) with whatever lyrics I remember - it's a tad hard writing this post with impulses to sing every 2 seconds ♪Your lips, your smile, I love it when you kiss me baby (next track - Mesmerized Ja Rule).

   Okay. Anyways. I put the volume down, maybe that'll help - and here I thought I was good at multitasking. SO. NAILS. This neon gradient is by far my most fave! From a lime green to a medium blue to bright pink  (Tony Moly P004, Australis Sky's The Limit and #totesamaze) - it just screams Summer. I was so tempted to leave it as is, cos come on, just look at it, it's so stinkin' cute! :P 

   As for what to layer on top of the gradient, I had a couple of ideas: waterspotting, black tribal pattern, or I could have taken the lazy way out and just added a glitter topper... but I was feeling adventurous, so I gave water marbling a go. Just as an FYI, water marbling and I do not mix well: I attempt it, I fail miserably, I try another 10 times, and finally, successfully marble 1 nail - ONE nail. This little escapade wasn't any different, just my left hand took at least an hour and a half! 

   And the bubbles! Damn the bubbles! I pull my finger out of the water and there are air bubbles in my water marble - it drives me nuts! What am I doing wrong?? ): What I did to try and salvage them, without having to redo the gradient and the marble, was to pop the bubbles and paint over it with a small brush and black nail polish. You can sort of see in the photos where the black is slightly darker - that's where I painted over :P

   Buuuuuuuut... the results are just so pretty, I don't mind facing off against my arch nemesis every now and then.

   So water marbling is my love/ hate relationship, what's yours? 

   ALSO, NAIL MAIL :P Swatches of these will be up on the blog within the week ♥


  1. I love these, so amazingly bright! I already love the neon gradient without the watermarble, but the design with the marble is also lovely. I'm the same as you are when it comes to watermarbling: I always like the idea of it and some people can make amazing designs with it, but I'm not quite there yet (however, I'm improving I think) :) But your watermarble design looks really good here!

    1. thanks lovely! And YES URGHH I see so many amazing watermarbles and can't seem to replicate them, instead I end up as a sobbing mess hahaha But with patience, we'll both get there :D

    2. Hey, I also wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because I basically love all your nail art :) You definitely don't have to participate if you don't want to or if it's just not something you'd do on this blog, but I just wanted to let you know! :)

  2. these are SO pretty. What clear do you use for this kind of watermarble? I've tried the black and clear marble over a gradient before, but I can never find a clear that works!

    1. naw thanks :D It took me a while to find a clear that would spread AND actually marble too, but I eventually found Ulta3 "clear" (it's an Australian brand). I find that quick drying top coats or thick clear ones didn't work very well, so probably anything that's clear, thin and not quick drying should work (:


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