Tuesday, November 5, 2013

AN Monday: Blue or Green

   Hey y'all! :D So the theme for this month's AN Mondays, is Aussie Indie Month - showing our love for all the Aussie indie brands that support our polish addiction :P My Indie collection is only at about 30 bottles and only half are Aussie, but I'll try and make do with what I have! First up is "Blue or Green".

   For someone who's a total purple junky, surprisingly, almost half my Aussie indie collection is blue! So I threw them all on the table and picked one at random :P 

   This gorgeous little number is Emily De Molly When Planets Collide. This is 2 coats layered over 1 coat of Revlon Royal. Though technically, from what I can see, it's actually a black jelly base, but it's so filled with blue glitter I classified it as blue :P !

   I also tried for some nail art using BYS Diamond Glitter Opal, Max Factor Royal Blue and some striping tape.

   Aaaaaand, I also have the last two weeks' AN Monday combined into one mani: Graveyard/ Your Choice, to finish off the October Halloween Month. Fingers crossed this month I'm on time with all my AN Mondays! :D


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