Monday, November 26, 2012

Chi.. Chi.. Cherries!

   Hey y'all! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I know I did :D spent the weekend away from suburbia and in good ol' country Australia. We visited Young, the cherry capital of Australia, a week before the National Cherry Festival to avoid peak season and take our pick of the cherries before everyone else! 

   They were big, red and plump! Part of the "pick your own" cherry experience is being able to eat and taste the cherries as you pick. I would have probably eaten several handfuls of cherries by the end of it haha They were so deliciously juicy!

  We ended up bagging 10kg of cherries (4kg were for my dad's workmates) and at $7 a kilo, it's not a bad deal + the experience and cherry buffet while you pick! ahah On a side note, I don't think the country air agrees with me, because for the whole trip my hayfever was going crazy! I probably hold the record for most consecutive sneezes! 

   Okay. So back to nail business! For the trip I wore the cherry blossoms from my last post, and for this post I was meant to have actual cherry nails for you but I decided to swatch my ChiChi glitter polishes first. I've been itching to try these babies since I first got my hands on them and I can say now that I have 2 clear favourites in the set of 8! 

  The problem with these polishes is that they're unnamed! So please bare with me. Starting from the top left corner:

1) This is filled with medium sized gold hexes with gold micro glitter in a clear base. This is 1 coat over 2 coats of black. The consistency is pretty smooth and fluid, not gloopy, and a decent amount of glitter comes out with every stroke.

2) This is my favourite out of all of them! It's jam packed filled with different coloured, different sized glitters in a clear base. So much colour I decided to swatch them on different colour bases! L-R Australis Sky's the Limit, Australis Bombshell, Australis Peek-a-boo, Ulta3 lily white. This also had a good formula and plenty of glitter with each brush stroke.

3) This would be my third favourite. It's very similar to polish (2) but this time without the micro glitter and instead in a pink jelly base. This is 1 coat over Sally Hansen I Pink I Can. Although the glitters are great, the consistency was horrible and thick, glitter placement was a must.

4) This polish has fuchsia pink medium and micro sized glitters in a clear base. It's formula is nice and smooth but not as densely packed with glitter. This is 1 coat over Australis Bombshell. 

5) This is filled with medium sized purple hexes and micro glitter in a clear base. Although I usually love purple, this is probably my least favourite of the 8. It's just so boring in my opinion haha, so I thought to swatch it in a jelly. This is 1 coat in between The Face Shop PP404.

6) This is my second favourite in the set! It's filled with silver hexes and blue micro glitter in a blue jelly base. This is 1 coat over Ulta 3 Blue Marlin. The consistency was great and fluid, it also picks up plenty of glitter with every dip into the polish.

7) This is filled with silver hex glitters in a grey-blue jelly base. It's kind of thick but plenty of glitter comes out with every stroke. A little glitter placement is required though. This is 1 coat over black.

8) Last but not least, this polish is filled with blue, green and yellow hexes and tons of green micro glitters in a clear base. It's not thick, it spread quite evenly and the colour are perfect for Australia day next year! Green and Gold!! This is 1 coat over Sinful Colors Irish Green. The ring finger is actually a jelly sandwich, just wanted to try it out :P

   So there you have it, for $20 that's a pack of 8 glitters (with single bottles that usually retail for $13) that are pretty decent. I think it was worth it just because they're all so pretty to look at haha But the blue and multi coloured glitters were my faves! Which are yours?

   P.S. Please excuse the non square tip of my middle finger ): My nail broke at work and I wasn't prepared to file all of the down, so I kept the slanted edge. 


  1. hi Christine!
    Glad you spent good time at cherry-picking. The cherries look so yummy, lol!
    oh, btw, I love the boring purple glitter! just made for me!

    1. Thanks Natalia :D ahah I might grow to like it, if I ever find the right 'undies' to layer it over!


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