Friday, November 16, 2012

Marbling Mayhem

Anyone else think water marbling is stressing?! 

(the claw pose rawr! haha)

   This was very first attempt at water marbling about three months ago. I chose to do a pink/ white/ silver marble over black nails, with some added glitter, kind of like a galaxy. It was a disaster, it didn't look pretty at all ): like all the other marble nails I was seeing on tumblr. 

   I was so disappointed I pretty much gave up on marbling altogether. It just took too much time taping my fingers and mixing the polish in the water trying to get a decent pattern; not to mention the waste of polish when I mess up ): So for a good few months, I left water marbling be. 

   Until tonight, I was lacking inspiration and had time on my hands, so I thought I'd give it another shot. And this is what came out:

   I used a black base again, and white/ pink/ silver for the marble. But this time I opted for no glitter and used different brand polishes, I guess the ones I used now had a better formula for use in water marbling because IMHO these turned out great! Not very galaxy-like like how I intended them to be, but more like a smoky pink!

   Hopefully this wasn't all a fluke! haha

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  1. Both manicures are amazing! How can you be disappointed of the first mani, it is gorgeous!
    I don't do marbling, and I think I'll never do, I'm a lazy girl...

    1. haha you'd think marbling was a quick and easy mani to do ...just dipping your fingers in water, but i agree i'm just too lazy to do water marbling! Unless, of course, I was really feeling it :P


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