Thursday, November 8, 2012

Indie Cherry..

   finally popped? *nods head with vigorous enthusiasm* :D

   Coming home after a day of stifling hot 35°C weather I was estatic to come home to a package from the lovely Missi Barry from Different Dimension! I purchased 3 full sized 15ml polishes, and Missi was kind enough to also include 3 minis from her The Big Bang Theory collection for me to swatch and review. All in all this post will be photo heavy. But I promise you, the photos are well worth having a look at as the polishes are just gorgeous! 

   The full sized bottles I ordered were: Light It Up Blue (for Autism), Boo, You Whore and Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty.

   The minis that were included were: Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock, Penny and Bazinga.

   To start it all off, we have Light It Up Blue (for Autism):

L-R: 2 coats over white, 1 coat over white, 1 coat over Maybelline Party Blue

   This polish is inspired by Autism Speaks and is  filled with tons of little blue glitters, holographic silver glitters and larger white hexes... AND it glows blue in the dark!

   My first impression of the polish is that it was quite thick, but it actually painted on like a dream, with the only exception being the larger white hexes that I had to fish out of the bottle and place. 

   Next up is Boo, You Whore: 

L-R: 2 coats over white, 1 coat over white, 1 coat over BC Co. Shade 12

   I love love LOVE the name of this polish. It's what drove me to buy it no matter what it looked like, it is the one most awesome line in Mean Girls! Lucky for me, the polish is down right just as awesome as it's name! It's an amazing blue jelly base jam packed with holographic blue glitter and several other sized/ shades of blue glitter. This applied really well as well, and there was little to no placing, there was plenty of glitter to go around!

   Next is Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty:

L-R 2 coats on it's own, 1 coat over Max Factor Opal, 1 coat over Rimmel Grey Matter

   I bought this polish for the exact same reason as Boo, You Whore because I am a major die hard The Big Bag Theory and Sheldon Cooper fan so how could I not buy this?! It's a creamy grey jelly based polish with silver holographic glitters and different sized white and grey hex glitters. Compared to the first two polishes, Soft Kitty isn't as jam packed with glitter, which in my opinion really suits its name and the 'gentle' grey feel of the polish. It paints on nicely but is really tricky to get the glitter spread even.

   The next three are the mini bottles that Missi included for me to try and swatch. 
First up is Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock (for the sake of this post it will be noted as RPSLS):

L-R: 1 coat over white, 1 coat over Maybelline Party Blue, 2 coats over BC Co. Shade 12

   This is a light blue jelly based polish and is filled with tons of micro glitter and small white, light blue, grey and light green hexes. It has a good formula and required no placing at all, just paint right on top, there's plenty of glitter to go around!

   Next is Penny:

L-R: 3 coats on its own, 2 coats over Orly See Yah, 2 coats over Black

   Penny is a copper based polish with plenty of copper and brown glitter. Like the rest of the polishes in the collection, its application was nice and smooth, and coverage was great! It's the perfect colour for Fall.

   Last, but definitely not the least, is Bazinga:

L-R: 1 coat over white, 1 coat over Sinful colors Let's Meet, 1 coat over Orly See Yah

   Bazinga is an absolutely great polish! It sticks true to its name and does it proud! It's a yellow jelly based polish with red and yellow micro glitter, as well as plenty of different sized yellow and red hexes. Since there were so many larger sized glitters that came out with every coat, there was some placing needed to balance the glitter out evenly on the nail. But that's expected, so despite all that, the polish applied like a dream and the coverage was great!

 The next few photos are of the polishes on my own nails.

 L-R: 1 coat RPSLS over white, 1 coat RPSLS over Maybelline Party Blue, 2 coats Boo You Whore over white, 2 coats Boo You Whore over BC Co. Shade 12

L-R: 1 coat Light It Up Blue over white, 1 coat Light It Up Blue over Maybelline Party Blue, 2 coats Soft Kitty on its own, 2 coats Soft Kitty over Max Factor Opal

L-R: 2 coats Penny on its own, 2 coats Penny over Orly See Yah, 1 coat Bazinga over white, 1 coat Bazinga over Orly See Yah

   And there you have it! Just a little taste of the awesomeness that is Different Dimension by Missi Barry. My personal faves are Boo You Whore, Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spock and Bazinga! All these and more are available for purchase at Missi's Etsy store.

   Which one is your favourite?


  1. These are sooo pretty!! I love the glow in the dark one. I want all of these!!
    Lovely blog, I'm a new follower :) Can't wait to read more!


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