Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Colour Block ...Gradient!

   Mornin' y'all! Hope everyone had a good relaxing weekend (: Today's post is inspired by neon colours yet again, this time in a gradient... a colour block gradient. 

   I wanted to take the 'gradient nail' a step further, so I thought why not pixelate the whole thing and paint the colours in blocks instead of a smooth transition with a sponge. 

   Is it just me or do they kind of remind you of candy corn? But candy corn's not pink, or purple, so it is probably just me... probably from all these polish fumes I've been inhaling, I've gone a little cuckooo haha 

   These were a pain in the butt to paint. But it was all worth it in the end. Although these ended up looking so damn flashy and bright I wore them to work anyway, and received a compliment or two  on them, one coming from my manager, so I guess she's given the fancy nail art the green light! Until the next instalment of "colourful nails for work" toodles!


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