Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blue as a half moon manicure

   Today, I have more bright, colourful nails for you all! And yes I wore them to work haha (and p.s. no, I don't know what I meant in the title either, it just sounded right :P)

   The design for this wasn't planned, all I wanted was to keep with the "blue" theme and somehow this came out. I used BYS "Blue" (a colour changing polish) for the base, Essence "Grumpy" for the blue curtains on each nail and BYS "Diamond Glitter Opal" for the half moon. 

   I didn't like these at first. I thought they made my nails look chunky and down right ugly. But somehow, while at work, they grew on me, and I ended up loving them. 

   I'm so in love with wearing such colourful and bright eye catching colours to work, so be warned, this colour streak may last a while!


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