Monday, November 4, 2013

NOTD: *shrugs*

   Hello there lovelies ^^ Hope everyone's had a great start to November! My goal for November is to continue this flow of blog posts that I've successfully upheld throughout October - hopefully another 2 month hiatus is never going to happen again or at least far from the horizon! 

   And of course to think of other ways to engage with you guys, I know NOTD posts get a tad repetitive, so I'll try push out more than just that this month :D I was also thinking of starting up a facebook page, would any of you be willing to follow my posts on there as well?? 

   So, back to the reason we're here... NOTD: I have no idea what to call these. Yes, that's what I've called them, unless y'all have something a little more creative? :P

   I used Sinful Colors Endless Blue (I think I've used this in the last 3 or 4 manis!! It really is my go-to-blue), and Ulta3 Citrus for the coloured panels, and Sinful Colors Black on Black for the outline and triangle accents. My lines are kind of wonky, but the studs take the attention away from my shaky handwork :P 

This design actually makes my nails look more rounded than almond/ stiletto shaped. Makes them look heaps shorter too =S They're also a little underwhelming, so I didn't really wear them for very long (took them off an hour later :P) but that just means... more nail art to look forward to tomorrow!


I love reading all your comments, so don't be shy to drop a line, and say hello! (: