Thursday, October 25, 2012

Galaxy Glitter Goodness

   We've all seen galaxy nails, we've all seen galaxy "drip" nails, but then I saw these and I knew it was time to try my hand at it. I've dabbled in "galaxy nails" before but I was never happy with the outcome. Until today *grin

   This is my little spin on the drip nails. I decided to use a black base and had the "cosmic drips" dripping from the nail bed/ cuticles instead of towards it. From previous experience where my white dots (stars) turned the entire mani into a mess, I excluded them and opted for a fine glitter polish instead. And this is what came out:

   I'm actually quite happy with how these turned out! I mean, the drips look kind of wonky (I actually thought the drip shape would be the easiest part but creating perfectly shaped yet random drips was hard!) but it doesn't take too much away from the over all mani ;D 

   I might try these out with a white base next time, but first I need to get my hands on some white acrylic paint. My white polish, as awesome as it is, won't be opaque enough in one layer to outline the drips. (If any of that was confusing, I'm just referring to this tutorial by the same artist of the nails I was inspired by). 

   OH and before I forget: 

   These are the drips with a matte top coat. I was wearing the black polish, which is really a black glitter polish from Nine West, mattefied (is that a word?) before I attempted this mani so I decided to try the drips matte. They don't look too bad, but I prefer the shiny top coat, brings out all that glittery goodness :D


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