Friday, October 12, 2012

Revlon Royal Blue Jelly Escapade!

   Hey y'all! So yesterday, along with the BYS graffiti nail enamel kit, I also bought a bottle of Revlon's Top Speed "Royal" polish from Target. For a while now, I've been on the look out for an awesome deep rich dark blue that's not too close to black, and Royal looked pretty damn close to what I was after. 

   THOUGH, to my surprise (pleasant surprise!) it actually turned out to be a jelly polish! And a lovely cobalt blue jelly polish at that! 

   I was not disappointed at all! Easy to apply and the jelly finish (this was 2 coats) was absolutely amazing! I was very very tempted to make a jelly sandwich with the Chi Chi "Glitterazzi" I also bought from Target that day (next time!) but instead opted for an orange ikat design. There's something about the blue and orange combination I really like. It's so bright and eye catching ;p


   So that ends my Revlon Royal Blue Jelly Escapade.. for now! I will revisit this chapter again sometime in the not too distant future! One more picture, and I wish you all an awesome day! 

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