Saturday, October 20, 2012


   Hey y'all! Is it just me or is there something really addictive about the Ikat pattern? AND PASTELS. That's why when I saw this phone cover in Sportsgirl a few weeks back I knew I needed to have it on my nails!

   From previous experience, I've learnt that it's so much easier to get the colours to pop (especially neons!) if you paint a base coat of white polish first. So I did that, then chose 6 pastel polishes to match the colour scheme of the mobile phone case. Spring's just arrived here in Australia so pastels are pretty much the GO-TO colours at the moment. Slap on those characteristic black lines on top of the pastels, et voilà!

   The first time in a long time I painted the same design on my right hand, albeit a simplified version (meaning I replaced the mini hearts on the ring finger and thumb with the simple ikat zigzag on the middle finger!) Disclaimer: Please don't pay too much attention to my unusually short right index nail. It snapped right across while I was out of the house and had no nail glue on me to fix it ): Now I've bought a second nail glue bottle to keep in my bag always! 

I've also had a request for a tutorial on these so that should be up soon as well! 



  1. Wow! Just Wow!!! This is amazing, going over to he tutorial now))

    1. aw shucks you're making me blush! thanks so much! xx


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