Monday, October 29, 2012

Naked Nails!

   Well.. half naked nails. 

   I started painting my nails frequently around May of this year and ever since then I've never worn my nails naked or half naked if I could help it. Of course back then I was a complete amateur and never wore base coat, which is probably why my nails stained faster. Only recently have I paid extra attention to painting 2 coats of base coat and lightly buffing my nails every now and then between manicures. And I'm so thrilled that after chopping my claws off, almost all the staining is gone! So thrilled that I decided on this black glitter tip mani on my naked nails:

   It's basically just sponging on a black "french" tip then sponging on a fine silver glitter polish to mask any hard lines and blend the black/naked nails better together for a smoother transition. The flowers on each of the nails are done by hand using a technique I saw on youtube years ago. I don't remember whose video it was, but if anyone knows let me know so I can credit them properly! 

   To create the flower, all you need to do is with a dotting tool (or use a bobby pin like me), paint 5 dots in a circle. Let them dry for a few seconds until the dots are a little tacky, then with a toothpick or a pin, drag each dot outwards, then drag inwards to create the petal shape. Finish it off with a large glitter piece, or a dot of glitter polish, et voila a flower!

   And a couple more snaps of the design:


  1. so elegant looking! I'm always scared to try black french manis haha :P

    1. but black and white is so chic and elegant, you must try it at least once ;p


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