Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hello, Sweetie~

I only discovered the wonderful world of Doctor Who (2005) this year and am completely smitten with it! Most of the episodes are light hearted and the banter between the Doctor(s) and his sidekick(s) and his quirky alien villains are always a treat to watch. There are also the tear jerkers like the latest episode "The Angels Take Over Manhatten". But then there are the few that leave me all creeped out! A perfect example would be "The Empty Child". 

That damn gas mask. That damn knocking on the door. That damn "are you my mummy?". This kid's creepy enough to give me nightmares! But what better way to embrace Halloween than painting him onto my nails! 


The weeping angels are another creep-tacular creature in Doctor Who that seriously give me the heebie-jeebies! It's because of them I can't look (and/or appreciate) statues the same way any more! Maybe the weeping angels will be next? 

Spoilers! ~
( I really do love the Melody Riversong twist)


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