Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soft Kitty, warm kitty

...little ball of fur.

Soft Kitty says hello! I got him at the Syndey Supanova Expo this year and I absolutely love him to bits! He's the Soft Kitty from Sheldon Cooper's "Soft Kitty" song from The Big Bang Theory. "Soft Kitty" is the song Sheldon's mum used to sing to him when he was sick as a child. And it's the song that this little cutie pie sings too! YES! He sings :D If you press his little paw, he sings "Soft Kitty" out loud, perfect for when I'm sick too  :p

Soft kitty warm kitty, little ball of fur.
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr, purr.

And he is the inspiration for my most recent mani:

These were done just late one night with acrylic paint on a white base.

TIP: when I just want to try and see what a drawing would look like on my nails, I paint the base colour on first and top it with a coat of top coat. After it's all dry, I can doodle all I want with acrylic paint and just wipe it off with a cotton ball and water if I don't like it. Easy, right? 

Before I bid you all adieu, here's a sneak peek at tomorrow's colourful design!


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    1. thanks Cecilia! puppies are more my thing, but these kitties were just too cute

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Whitney :D ...baby steps into the world of detailed nail art, it's kind of scary!

  3. that is.... TOOOOOO ADORABLE!!! OMGOSH! ♥

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog! your nail art is great! I'm following you.

    1. thanks girl! really appreciate all the love (:

  5. Omgggg, sooo cute! :D I'm so glad I found your blog <3

    1. eheh thanks! <3 and I followed you right back Christine! haha we have the same name ;p

  6. lol im actually watching TBBT right now

  7. i stumbled across your nail art via tumblr & am obsessed. you are so amazing & i am incredibly jealous. i have a couple questions for you about using the acrylic paints like you describe in this post.

    1-you say regular acrylic paint... does that mean the kind you can get at a craft store, etc. or does it refer to the acrylic paint/products for nail technicians?

    2-do you/is it possible to keep the acrylic design after you have the look you want by covering it with a top coat or something? or do you have to remove it & use nail polish?

    thanks (:


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