Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Indie Busy!

   Hey y'all! I've been suffering from a little polisher's block lately and it's been a slow unproductive week for nail art. So instead, I've paused the nail art and been a little indie busy trying out a couple of the untried indie polishes I have. 

   First up is Different Dimension Soft Kitty Warm Kitty. I've swatched it before on a nail wheel but never actually wore it on my nails. I don't normally like grey polishes (and I only bought this for it's name, Big Bang Theory fanatic over here :P) but it was a pleasantly surprising grey polish I really like. This is 2 coats over Max Factor Opal.

   Next up is Femme Fatale Lacquer Razzle Me Dazzled. This is two coats over Maybelline Mini Colorama Dark Plum. Again, this is a polish I wasn't too psyched about when I first got it. But now I'm completey converted, I absolutely love it. The purple jelly is too sheer to ever wear it without undies, instead it makes as a perfect glitter topper :D

   Third is Shades of Phoenix Hades from the "Olympus" collection. This is 3 coats, with no undies, with topcoat. There's something about black jellies that I absolutely love!

   Shades of Phoenix is a newly launched Aussie Indie Brand and I'm totally digging the polish names and the polishes themselves! I've also ordered Zeus and Chaos so keep an eye out for those swatches!

Different Dimension
Femme Fatale Lacquer
Shades of Phoenix


  1. You know I can't keep praising you enough for how gorgeous your swatches are but you make Hades look like his going get up and go back to the underworld - thanks girl for blowing my indie marker mind!

    1. hehe thanks teneil! Hades is just absolutely gorgeous!


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