Sunday, January 20, 2013

Loose Glitter and Mylar

   It's been a while my lovelies, I've been in such a rut this week, I've even worn naked nails to work *eeeep!* But yesterday, I received my surprise package from Lizz (IG misshoneybee475) and it contained this beautiful Julep polish Claire. It's a gorgeous sky blue colour and it's my first Julep!

   I painted two coats of this baby on, and topped it with individually placed loose glitter (yay for tedious glitter placement! haha), shiny mylar sheets and 2mm gold studs. This mani's such an attention seeker, I can't stop stealing glances at them, they're so blingy! 

   One thing I noticed about the mylar though, they were cut up in pretty big chunks so they were kind of hard to work onto the nail without looking messy. I know you can encase mylar into gel or acrylic nails, and also on top of polish like how I've done, but does anyone have any more creative uses for mylar? 


  1. beautiful shade Christine May! And you've done a wonderful artsy manicure with it!

    1. thanks Natalia! Glitter placement is actually pretty fun :P


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