Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nothin' But Neons

   LONG TIME NO SEE GUYS! And I do apologize for that! So first things first, belated HAPPY 2013! Hope the new year has started off great for you all :D I've been so busy with work, friends, and the holidays that I've slacked off in my posting... but I intend to make up for the week and a half I've missed with this post ^^ And as you have all probably noticed, my nails are mega super short now ): The nail on my middle finger broke after New Year's and it was too awkward not to file all the other nails down to the same length. Here's to hoping they grow back fast! *crosses fingers*

   I bought a set of ChiChi neon polishes the other week for only $19.95 (considering their full sized bottles are $12 each, I'd say that's a bargain!) and have been itching to try them. So today's nails of the day are a neon gradient topped with a black geometric pattern. There were 8 polishes in total: 6 neons and a black and white crackle polish. For this mani, I just used the green, blue and purple.

   I'm not sure if you can tell or not, but my gradient's not too smooth. I was too lazy to use a sponge, so I just started with a white base, then painted the gradient straight on with the brush from the bottle, blending the colours as I go. Needless to say, by the end of it all, I felt like my nails were wearing 10 layers of polish!

   Oh and do you guys remember these nails?

   Remember how I said I'd try adding black accents on them? Well, before I took them off I did. And here's the outcome (phone quality photo sorry!):

   More news! Though I haven't been painting my nails too often during the week, I have been painting... my nail polish rack!

   I'd love to take the credit for building this masterpiece, but its construction is all thanks to my dad. I just painted it :P It's 120cm x 90cm so it's pretty darn huge and takes up most of the wall in my room. I'm itching to fill it! haha

   And last but not least, I did have an awesome mani for new years that I absolutely loved, but I never got around to taking proper photos of it ): All I have is a phone camera picture I took at work (I worked New Year's Eve and Day!) I also bought this awesome Doctor Who T-shirt from target. EXTERMINATE!


  1. I love the designs and the neons - AND the gorgeous rack, your dad knows how to spoil you :)

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