Saturday, October 5, 2013

Clean, fresh and classy: Gold on White

   Don't y'all just love the look of white nails?! I've always thought they looked nice and clean, and would've loved to wear it as a full mani but were always too boring to wear alone. But then I saw a gold on white mani on IG (Joelene over at @glynnavyre) and was inspired to do some gold on white nails of my own!

   So blingy and bright.. I love it! The most troublesome to do was the middle finger. I didn't have any gold loose glitters so I had to improvise and fish out the larger hex glitters in my Femme Fatale Cosmetics Eventide polish. They're all not the same hue of gold and some are holographic, which works out just fine for me, because it looks even more blingy! It took ages, but I think it was well worth it! It's my favourite nail from this mix n match mani.

   I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White as the base, the 2mm gold studs and striping tape are from the BornPrettyStore, and the gold polish is Orly Glitzy. 

   *Eeep I also managed to take a decent non-awkward picture of my cinderella hand :D There was no way I was going to fish out more glitter from Eventide, so I settled for a glitter gradient instead. 

   Sometimes I feel bad for my dominant hand.. it always gets the crappy end of the deal where I'm too lazy and not bothered to make it look as pretty as its other half. Talk about favouritism hahaha

xx Christine


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