Thursday, October 10, 2013

ILNP Ultrachromes: Birefringence and Mutagen




   After 3 weeks of stalking my mailbox, waiting and waiting, my ILNP ultrachromes are finally here! I only ordered Birefringence and Mutagen as the others didn't really appeal to me. 

   I have nothing but praise for these polishes! They go on smooth like butter, are opaque in one coat over black, shift like crazy and are just so damn mesmerizing! The pictures speak for themselves!

   First up is Birefringence. Birefringence is a gorgeous multichrome that shifts beautifully from a deep blue, to a bright magenta, with hints of yellow and green from certain angles. I was driving while wearing this today, (and just FYI it was quite sunny so maximum shifting power), my mum had to remind me to look at the road..  I was too preoccupied watching the polish shift colours on my fingertips! =O These polishes should come with a warning label :P haha

Birefringence - in the shade

    Mutagen on the other hand, cascades between vibrant greens, blues, and hints of red and orange. When I first opened the box, I immediately thought Birefringence would be my favourite of the two (I'm a sucker for blues and purples!) But Mutagen was surprisingly pretty damn striking. I didn't capture in these photos exactly how vibrant the green was in the sunlight, but you can watch the Instavideos on my Instagram to see the colour shifts in action! 

Mutagen - in the shade

Unfortunately, my photography equipment (if I can even call my S4 camera that haha) /skills aren't anything too fancy so I had trouble capturing the entire shift of each polish in a regular shot. 

So the following pictures are all shots taken underwater. And I was going to edit out all the air bubbles, and specks of dust in the water (ARGH those were irritating to see pop up on the screen when it came time to edit ><) and I started to I promise, but it would've taken me EONS and eons to clean all that up, so I gave up lol I apologize in advance for the not-so-clean shots, hopefully that doesn't take away from the polish!

Birefringence - underwater

Birefringence - the beautiful gradual shift underwater

Mutagen - underwater

Mutagen - the seamless shift underwater

   Please tell me I'm not the only one going gaga over these. 


  1. Need to get my hands on a duo-chrome soon! Absolutely love Birefringence...I'm a sucker for blues and purples too!

    1. Yay for blues and purples, no matter how similar the colour I need them all!! :p

  2. Nope! Pretty much anybody who has these polishes is gaga over them. LOL The only one I'm less than thrilled with is My Little Glacier. The color shift in that one is so subtle that unless I was in just the right type of light, it didn't appear to shift at all. Still, I think ILNP makes a great polish! <3

    1. Yeah, cygnus loop looked too similar to birefringence and My Little Glacier didn't look like it shifted at all haha so I passed, but I'm in love with their formula so it'll definitely not be my last purchase!


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