Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nail - What? NAIL MAIL!

   There's nothing more exciting than checking the mailbox or receiving an "on board with driver" notification, or better yet, answering the door with the mail man right there delivering your precious cargo :D

   I've had a lot of polish come in in the past couple of months, so I thought I'd share with you all my spoils (or at least all that I can remember)!

   Guess we'll start with the most recent. So the fairytale starts off with a conversation on Instagram about how I wanted polish in the US and she wanted indies from Australia. Over a course of ...I don't know ...6 months or so, and 3 to 4 boxes sent each, we've finally succeeded in our nail swap and are now swimming in our polishes :P It took us a while, but we got there in the end! And well worth the wait! Shout out to Jennifer (Jennibert's Nails / IG @jennibert) for being such an awesome swap buddy :D

   First two swap packages from Jennifer included a range of Butter Londons, China Glazes, Zoyas, an Orly and Ultas. Also pictured, is my Emily De Molly order that arrived on the same day :D *jumps for joy*

   The third box from Jennifer did the impossible - it topped the first two boxes -  it squashed some pretty huge lemmings - yes, YOU, China Glaze Frostbite and Color Club Eternal Beauty!! In the huge box, amongst all the polish was a China Glaze shot glass and nommies that left me craving for more!! Anyone know if we can get those Flamin Hot Cheetos here in Australia?! SO GOOD! 

   I couldn't resist, I had to try some of these on immediately.. and since I have two hands, why not different polish on each?! :P

Left hand: 2 coats of China Glaze Frostbite with China Glaze Prism on the accent

Right hand: 2 coats of Color Club Wink Wink Twinkle with Butter London Lovely Jubbly on the accent

   And now for my Zoyas.. ALL THE ZOYAS!! Aurora and Blaze were my first Zoyas, and when it came time to ordering more... I went a little crazy :P

   There are a couple of doubles such as Sookie and Charisma - but they're for my mum, she ordered them to gift away (: But the rest are all mineeeeeee *evil laugh*

   I've yet to swatch them all, but when I did try Dahlia, boy was I blown away. I don't usually like textures, I always put a top coat on to make it nice and shiny and smooth, but wearing Dahlia felt like I was wearing unpolished black diamonds (or something along those lines) on my nails. Definitely was shoving them in peoples faces, and demanding them to cop a feel :P

   And that brings us to the end of my polish haul. I've bought bottles of pretty polish at the drugstore too, but never took a picture of them all collectively. One special mention though, I got Essie Mint Candy Apple and Marshmallow from Priceline and I'm really excited to try them! :D

   Now, I think maybe it's time for a no - buy (or low - buy :P) until Christmas? 

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