Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Aussie Indie Brand: Moonstone Nail Polish Swatches + Review

   Hello, Hello, Hello! So for those of us who love our Aussie indies, there's a brand-spankin'-new brand that's entered the scene: Moonstone Nail PolishAND it releases today!! Tuesday 29th October, at 9am AEDST - that's less than 7 hours away! *Hurray* The person behind it all is Caitlin Vine - a 20 year old girl with a love for mixing polish (and love potions too! :P haha Any Potterheads here?!) I was approached by Caitlin (@caitnails on Instagram) a couple of weeks ago to do some swatches for her, and I gladly accepted ^^

   The first collection for Moonstone Nail Polish includes 8 polishes, 2 of which I have to show you all today. Somehow, Caitlin knew (or by a lucky coincidence :P) my favourite colour was purple, and both the polishes she sent me were purple toned, and sparkly! First up is Radioactive. It's a violet shimmer, with a subtle pink to blue colour shift. 

   It can easily be worn on its own, and is opaque in 3 thin coats. As it is quite sheer, and requires multiple coats for complete opacity, be sure to wait a bit for each coat to dry before applying a new coat or you'll end up with bald spots - like I did in my impatient first attempt. 

   Though, since I AM a sucker for colour shifters, with my second attempt at swatching it, I opted to layer 1 coat of Radioactive over 1 coat of black, to intensify the shift. And this is the end result:

   ....purple, colour-shifty-goodness! It's quite soft and subtle, but very pretty nonetheless! 

   The second polish I have to show you all is one that took my breath away when I first saw it. Even just sitting in the bottle it promised such awesomeness. Dark Shines is a blue-purple jelly filled with shiny, sparkly, holographic goodness. Caitlin describes it as: "A blurple jelly jam-packed with deep purple holographic flakes with a blue shimmer."

   Again, as with Radioactive, it's easily buildable in 2-3 coats for opaqueness, but I chose to layer it over 1 coat of black. It does dry to a semi-textured finish, so it will need a generous coat (or two depending on your topcoat - I use Revlon Colorstay and needed 2 coats) of topcoat to smooth it out.

   It is absolutely stunning in the sun - all the tiny holographic particles come to life and dance at my fingertips. This to me, is like a blurple version of Ulta3 Triple Threat, or Butter London Black Knight, and I just love it when dark colours have that little bit of sparkle in them, giving them a bit more character... AND they look great when the light hits them!

   That's 2 of 2 that I have to share with y'all, so now if you are interested in getting your hands on these, or are curious to see the rest in the collection, make sure to head on over to their store Moonstone Nail Polish, and have a gander. They also have an Instagram account (@moonstonenailpolish) that you can follow for all their updates, and swatches. 

So which of the two is your favourite? For me, as much as I LOVE colour shifters, I'm obsessed with anything dark purple that sparkles in the sun :P so it's one more picture of Dark Shines for you all.


  1. Can not believe I have only just found your blog!!!!
    I adore every single one of your designs, just spent an hour going through your old posts! Sorry fangirl overload haha.
    And you're a fellow Potterhead!!
    Keep up the amazing designs :) x

    1. Aw shucks! You're too sweet! Thanks for all the love girl ♥ Yay for potterheads! :P


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