Saturday, December 7, 2013

COMPARISON: My Cherry Amour, Blaze and Extravagance

   Hey y'all! Wishing everyone a Happy Friday, and *cheers* to the weekend! :D Today I have for you a comparison between 3 polishes I thought were pretty good dupes of each other.

   So the polish that kicked this off was Nicole by OPI My Cherry Amour; I saw it at Target and immediately thought of OPI DS Extravagance, and of course, had to buy it :P 

   It's actually a textured polish - should have known by the "gumdrop" wrapping around the bottle's lid *woops* This is 2 coats over 1 coat of Chi Chi Mother In Law. 

   Unfortunately, I'm not too fond of it as a texture polish, it was too dull and the holo barely shone out. So I topped it with top coat, and et voila: shiny, glossy, holo-y nails :D I definitely like it A WHOLE LOT BETTER with top coat rather than without!

   For some reason, seeing My Cherry Amour in its bottle really reminded me of Extravagance. But looking at the bottle shots below... I was kind of off the mark! Then I remembered Zoya Blaze, and that was a much closer match to MCA!

   On my thumb is Blaze, on my index and middle finger is Extravagance, and on my ring finger and pinky is My Cherry Amour. As you can see, Blaze and MCA are almost exact dupes, just that Blaze is a shade darker and the holo particles are slightly different in each. But I was way off with Extravagance - it's much darker, and more of a plum colour.

   So all in all, although I quite like MCA with top coat, it's too similar to Blaze and the texture isn't enough to sway me, so it's probably headed to the blog sale/ swap pile!

   What are some polishes you fell in love with at first sight in their bottles, but were a little underwhelmed after putting it on?


  1. ♥ they look amazing ! i am in love with this color and texture ! ♥ perfect !

    1. Naw, glad at least you like them <3 I'm not too big on texture myself, with the exception of Zoya Dahlia :P

  2. wow, it looks phenomenal with a topcoat!


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