Thursday, December 26, 2013

NOTD: Christmas Eve Manicure

   Hey y'all! It's been a while eh? 

   Wishing all my readers Happy Holidays and hoping everyone's Christmas was filled with fun and joy! The lead up to the big day was so darn busy, I had the same mani on for 10 days, and hence my absence also. But thankfully, the Christmas rush is almost over. I finally had time to sit down and do my nails on Christmas Eve (of all nights!). I didn't want something real festive, I wasn't in the mood for red and green glitters, candy canes or reindeers on my nails, so I went for a simple glam look, if you could call it that haha

   On my pointer and pink is Zoya Godiva - such a beautiful neutral texture; on my ring finger is a reverse glitter gradient using Revlon Stunning over a black polish; and on my middle finger is a Sally Hansen nail strip. I reallllllly wanted writing on my nails but since 1. I don't have a plate with that image on it (free handing that seemed too hard!) and 2. I suck at stamping anyway, I cheated and used strips :P 

   In other news, I also broke a nail on my right hand at work. The break was terrible and had me sulking for days ): But on the plus side, it was the nudge I needed to file down and trim my nails.

   I filed the nails down quite a bit - they sort of look like mini claws now :P plus a super nub on my middle finger hehe Overall I don't mind so much, they'll grow back, and it really is quite liberating every time I shorten my nails - no more holes in my pastry when I bake, and soooo much easier getting cream from a tub  without getting it under my nails :P

   Until my next post, wishing you all safe holidays! 


  1. These nails are so beautiful, I don't think its cheating at all to use the strips, either way the overall effect is stunning. I am also in the same position with my nails. They get extremely long very quick but I know I must take them shorter before I have a fatality! I'm going to follow your blog :) xx

  2. I love these -- all the designs go together perfectly! Godiva is so gorgeous :D

    1. thanks! and yes, godiva is the perfect nude texture ^^


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