Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NOTD: Femme Fatale Cosmetics Custom 'Runeweaver'

   *waves* Hey y'all! Hope all's been well (: With the Christmas rush dying down I've been able to do my nails a lot more frequently again. For today's NOTD post, I have another Femme Fatale Cosmetics custom polish to share with you all ^^ This time it's a deep purple holo named Runeweaver. 

Bottle shot of Runeweaver

   I have nothing but praise for this polish. It applied evenly, smoothly and pretty darn opaque too. This is a gorgeous dark purple in the shade, with specks of holo under just regular light, but once direct sunlight (or a camera's flash) hits it, it bursts into a stunning spectrum of colour.

   And because I'm the type to try a polish on (even if it's only on a finger or two) after I've bought it, I have a swatch of a couple of the new Sinful Colors I picked up over the weekend. On the index and middle finger is See You Soon, and on the ring and pinky is Charmed. 

   Charmed in particular is quite interesting. You probably can't tell by the photo, but it's not an ordinary metallic silver polish. I'm not sure if it's tiny specks of holo glitter or tiny specks of a bunch of different coloured glitter, but something a little extra is definitely mixed in there, and it gives the polish that little bit of special.


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