Friday, March 21, 2014

NOTD: #ManiSwap with Megan from @snowglobenails over on Instagram

   Hey you guys! Like I promised in the last post, I'm toning it down a bit from all the neon that I've been bombarding your feeds with - but doesn't mean I have to get rid of all the colour right?! :P 

   This is my recreation of Megan's (@snowglobenails) floral design for our #ManiSwap** over on Instagram. I absolutely adored her original mani, and have been meaning to recreate it ever since she posted it. Then when Megan asked me to do a #maniswap with her, I thought this would be the perfect time to do so :P

   This is the collage of all 4 of our manis together:

   I did use a slightly pinker base than Megan (using L'oreal Flashing Lilac), but I think it works just as well (: The flowers and leaves were painted on using an assortment of blues, pinks and greens mixed with some white to create different shades. Though, if you look closely enough, there's actually a blue flower on my ring finger nail that I forgot to fill in *oops* haha I only realised after editing the pictures, and by then I was too lazy to go back and fix it up :P 

   Here's a closer look at Megan's half of the #ManiSwap. She chose to recreate the mix and match leopard mani I did last year for a friend's formal. And she nailed it, her mani looks gorgeous!

   This was so much fun! I wouldn't mind doing a couple more of them in the future :D If anyone else is interested in doing one with me, feel free to direct message me on instagram @xtinemayyy ! 

** A #ManiSwap is when two individuals choose a mani of each other's to recreate


  1. This looks great! I love all designs here, and I think the flower design works great on your nail shape :)


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