Wednesday, March 12, 2014

NOTD: Neon Mix 'n' Match + #mynailsmysmoothie

   Hey guys! So here in Australia, we've begun our descent into Autumn: last week brought a couple of cold, rainy days, the sky looming with clouds. Perfect weather to be skipping gym, staying cozy in bed, and reading a good ol' book (Game of Thrones saga.. anyone else addicted?!). But there are also nails to be painted! And who's to say I can't bring out the neons as the weather cools? 

   For this mani, I used Chi Chi OTT which I was quite intrigued by, because unlike most highlighter yellow neon polishes, it leans slightly more towards a green than a yellow. 

   Little anecdote - with my friend at the shops: 
      Friend: It's the same colour as the one you have already!
      Me: No it's not. This one is slightly more green than the highlighter yellow polish I have at home.
      Friend: But it's similar right? So you don't need this one?
      Me: Don't be ridiculous, of course I do. 

   Anyone else had a similar experience? haha SIMILAR DOES NOT MEAN SAME.

   Okay, so back to the mani, I used 4 coats of OTT. Which is a lot I know. But I didn't use a white base, and this polish was more of a jelly-like consistency instead of a creme. For the accent nail I used 1 coat of Butter London Fairy Cake and 2 coats of Australis Shimmy Shake. The lines were painted on using my ever trusty Sinful Colors Black on Black, and a small detail brush. 

   Also, while I'm here, can I just say how finicky striping tape is!? There are times where I can fluke out a good accent nail or two using them, but I had to quit the tape for this mani and ended up free handing all the lines because the tape just wouldn't cooperate! Though, half the blame should probably go to my long nails, haha makes handling the itty bitty tape a nightmare.  

   But all in all, I LOVED this mani, such a shame I only had it on for a day though. If only I had more hands and nails to paint on... that'd be a strange sight haha Better yet, if I was ambidextrous, then my right hand could receive some actual love instead of just plain colours, or simplified versions of its better half :P

   And as an added extra, my smoothie from this morning! A green kale, spinach and banana smoothie, topped with a raspberry and dragon fruit smoothie :D It's uploaded on my instagram @xtinemayyy with the tag #mynailsmysmoothie Totally making this a thing from now on :P


  1. Omg, I love this colors combination and the model looks gorgeous :)

  2. I was laughing so hard about your anectode, I always hear such things! "Don't you want to use your old ones? or You have this colour already! or You won't buy another stash for your polish, use the old ones and stop buying new ones!" And I like your design, your freehand painting is awesome, I'm really jealous!

    1. At least we get each other right?! haha we polish enthusiasts must stick together, and hold out against the "You have this colour already" argument! :P

  3. Great manicure and great smoothie, girl! I love the idea, just keep 'em coming!

    1. Thanks hun :D & the neons are definitely still a-coming! :P


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