Friday, March 28, 2014

NOTD: Sequin Explosion

   Hey you guys! :D *it's Friday it's Friday gotta get down on Friday* okayyyy before I permanently destroy your ear drums (and my dignity) I've got some sparkly new nails to share with you all *big cheesy grin*

   Last week, I found new L'oreal polishes at work, and with the buy one get one on polishes deal, who could resist?! So the first one I nabbed was Sequin Explosion.

   It's your usual glitter bomb, jam packed full of sparkle, but with a slight twist. The colour combo inside the bottle isn't like the rainbow mix you'd find in OPI Chasing Rainbows (from their new Spotlight On Glitter Collection), or in Australian brands Australis Fairy Bread or Ulta3 Over The Rainbow. It's more of a toned down, gun metal mix perhaps? (Can you tell I absolutely suck at explaining haha but the pictures definitely do more justice than my words!)

   In this mani, I had Sally Hansen Cafe Au Lait as the base colour. I then layered Butter London Rosie Lee and L'oreal Sequin Explosion to create the gradient.

   I really liked how glam this looked without being too in your face. I also really liked how long this took me to take off!

*deadpan face* haha but seriously, I've always been too lazy to use peel off/ PVA base coats before glitter (sometimes I don't even intend to use glitter in a mani but end up using it anyway!) and way too impatient for the foil method (soaking cotton balls and wrapping my fingers in foil sounds just as troublesome) so I just resort to good ol' elbow grease haha

   Okay, now that I've gone on my tangent, we return to the mani at hand! :p This will definitely be one of those manis that gets revisited in the future! Hopefully for longer than the one day I wore it haha


  1. It looks great, super girly and classy :) I like the full on nail! It adds a little twist!

    1. Thanks babe! I would love to do an entire mani with all my nails covered in glitter, it would blind everyone! :P


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