Tuesday, March 18, 2014

AN Monday: St Patrick's Day

   Hey guys, and a Happy St Patty's Day to you all! Though I didn't do any drinking in celebration today, I did join in on the green nails band wagon. I wore the gorgeous Emily De Molly Monet's Garden. It's a stunning green jelly polish filled with an assortment of green, purple, pink and blue glitters - it's so dense that all this took was 2 coats! 

   And of course, this coincides with the theme for this week's AN Monday: St Patrick's Day. So do check out the Aussie Nails Monday page of the blog to see the other ladies who participate, and their green manis :D

   I don't really celebrate St Patty's Day, but it's fun to see everyone enjoying the festivities - and there's always so much green around! The nail pics on instagram are booming with green manis, mine is so underwhelming compared to the rest haha but not to fear! Hopefully next year, I'll turn out something a little more creative than a swatch :P

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